Pod 4 Westside

During 1st quarter all fourth graders will be taught a unit on electricity and magnetism and sound. The enduring understandings for these unit are:

  • Magnets have certain properties. These properties allow magnets to be used in everyday life.
  • Energy is necessary for change to occur in matter. Energy can be stored, transferred or transformed, but it cannot be destroyed.
  • Energy flows through a complete circuit in predictable ways.
  • Scientists use different kinds of investigations in order to answer the questions they are asking about the natural world. Types of investigations include observations and descriptions, research, making models, classification and experiments.
  • Scientists collect and record data to recognize patterns in order to draw conclusions or make predictions
  • Sound is a form of energy that is produced by vibrations of objects and that it is transmitted through the vibrations of objects and the air.
  • Sounds can be distinguished by their properties, such as volume and pitch.
  • Scientists describe the natural world and changes through careful observation. They use these observations along with scientific knowledge to make reasonable predictions and/or draw appropriate conclusions.



Throughout the 2014-2015 school year we will be focused on a variety of science strands.  We will study properties of sound, forces, electricity/magnetism, simple machines, and more.  Students will investigate a variety of different ways that scientist "do Science"!!!

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