Pod 4 Westside

Sunday, Dec. 21st

YMCA Field trip

Tomorrow is our field trip to the YMCA!  Our day will be spent swimming, exercising in the gymnastic room, playing our annual game of dodgeball, and just have a fun day of fitness!  It is important that our students are dressed appropriately.  Below are packing ideas for tonight as they get ready!

  •  Come dressed for a day of fitness...jogging pants, t-shirts, and gym shoes.  Many children will wear their swimsuits under their clothes because the pool is first on our schedule.
  • Gym bag filled with a plastic bag for their wet suit, swimsuit if they are not wearing it under their clothes, towel, undies, comb or brush!
Have a great winter break as you spend this time with family and friends.  See you in 2015.

The Pod 4 Teachers

Monday, Nov. 10th

Student-led Conferences in Pod 4

    Starting this reporting period, pod 4 students will hold a “Student-led Conference” in lieu of the traditional parent-teacher format.  Your child is ready to show you what he or she is learning at school, progress they are making, and goals they plan to set for next quarter.

     This will be an opportunity for you, as a parent, to display a positive interest in your child’s progress, accept your child’s evaluation of his/her accomplishments, and provide your child with support and encouragement for his/her work at school.

      There will be two families, separated by a divider in the room, at the same time.  The classroom teacher will circulate and join your family’s conference from time to time, but it is your child who will be in charge.  During the last five minutes of the conference we have time for the parents and the teacher to speak privately about progress or concerns. 

      Conferences will be held on Thursday, Nov. 20th and Monday, Nov. 24th!  Please watch for a note this week letting you know your assigned time!  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call or send a note.

 The Pod 4 Team      

Friday, Oct. 3, 2014

     Oct. 8th is our field trip to the Ledgeview Caves in Chilton.  The bus will leave at 8:40 from Westside and return at approximately 3:00.  We will eat lunch at the center, so please send a sack lunch and drink if your child did not order one.

Our day will focus on “Caves and Geology”.  Students need to dress in old clothes & shoes…we will be crawling through the caves and will get dirty!!  Also please bring a backpack with a change of clothes, shoes, and a towel …we will need to change clothes before entering the center after our spelunking adventure.  It is also suggested that students bring a flashlight or a headlamp!  Wow, what a fun day we will have!!  (Check out the packing list on the right!)

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call, e-mail, or send a note.

The Pod 4 Team 

Monday, Sept.  29th

Tomorrow is "Super Hero" Day as the Westside community comes together to support "Team Tayten".  Students may wear Super Hero costumes, t-shirts, or capes as they dress up to support Tayten, a 5K student that will be undergoing a liver transplant on October 7th.  Check out the photo of four of our fourth graders that raised over $76.00 this weekend by selling lemonade, bookmarks, magnets, and bracelets to support Tayten and his family.

Tuesday, Sept. 9, 2014

Our first week of school was filled with building a classroom community, renewing friendships, and understanding the expectations of pod 4.  

Students should be reading at home a minimum of 20 minutes a day as they practice reading strategies and just having loads of fun!  

Today we are sending home the field trip note!  It contains all the dates for the year, please read carefully!  There is lots of information on due dates, dates & times of trips, and chaperon background checks.  Please do not hesitate to call, email or send a note if you have questions.

If you have not signed up for "Remind", please follow the directions below!  It will be a quick way that pod 4 can communicate with our families! 

Our pod 4 website will be updated regularly with information and lots of photos of what's happening in our classrooms! We will send you a message each time we update!   Have a great week.

The Pod 4 Team


Tuesday, Sept. 2, 2014

Healthy Morning Snacks

Pod 4 students will have a morning break each day.   The snack procedure in pod 4 is that every child is responsible for bringing his or her healthy snack each day.  The snack should be healthy and be able to be eaten in 3 to 4 minutes.  Your child can bring in a snack each morning, or they may bring in a box of crackers that we can store at school.  Healthy snacks include fruit, veggies, crackers, cheese, granola bars, yogurt, etc.


Packing list for field trip:

Lunch & drink

Headlamp or flashlight

Wear old clothes/shoes/hat

Backpack filled with clean shoes, clothes, & towel

Water bottle

Sense of "Adventure"! 

Eliza's older sister, Sara, Eliza, Monet, and  Skyler raised over $76 for the Team Tayten campaign this weekend!  Way to go girls!!!

Water Bottles

Pod 4 students are encouraged to bring a water bottle to school to keep at their desk.  As we try to go green it would be great if they have a water bottle that can be brought home each day and washed and then refilled for the next day.  Water bottles should be filled with water only.



    We will be using “Remind” to help families keep informed on news, events, homework, reminders, field trips, etc.  “Remind” is a simple way for you to stay informed and up-to-date with what’s happening in pod 4.  By joining our class on “Remind”, you’re choosing to receive class messages via push notifications, SMS, or email.  Don’t worry, your phone number will not be shared with teachers or anyone else in the class. 

          Follow the directions below to subscribe to our Pod 4 “Remind” group  

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